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Contract / Terms & Conditions

The council usually provides a contract with terms and conditions which tell everyone concerned how the services are provided for. Many of the details will be in the care plan as well. Private clients will receive a contract with terms and conditions from WENA Ltd.

Confidentiality and Conduct

WENA Ltd and our staff will not disclose information, except that were deemed appropriate to share information obtained in the course of professional practice, or in the case of, the professional who obtained the information must ensure, as far as is reasonable, before its release that it is being imparted in strict professional confidence and for specific purpose, about you to anyone else without your express agreement.


How we Safeguard You

We ensure that all the staff coming to visit you are vetted. In vetting staff we ensure that all our staff have undergone an enhanced Criminal Record Bureau check, this is the most enhanced check an employer is allowed to undertake on an individual.
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